11.11/13.11.2022: Backslash Festival 2022 at Theater Gessnerallee (Zurich/CH)
06.08.2022: PROTOBODY at Rote Fabrik (Zurich/CH)
06.11/09.11.2020: Backslash Festival 2020 at Theater Gessnerallee canceled due to Covid-19 (Zurich/CH)
01.08.2020: Backslash Festival × Lux Rec at Rote Fabrik (Zurich/CH)
15.11/17.11.2019: Backslash Festival 2019 at Theater Gessnerallee (Zurich/CH)
16.11/18.11.2018: Backslash Festival 2018 at Theater Gessnerallee (Zurich/CH)
03.11/04.11.2017: Backslash Festival 2017 at Provitreff (Zurich/CH)
04.11/05.11.2016: Backslash Festival 2016 at Provitreff (Zurich/CH)
14.05/15.05.2016: Interactive AV installation at GENAU (Olten/CH)
30.01.2016: Interactive sound installation Generative aggregative private monitoring at N/O/D/E Festival (Lausanne/CH)
18.10.2014: Vernissage of the TOKYO DATA PUBLICATION #1. Installations & performances at Décal’Quai (Montreux/CH)
23.11/30.11.2013: Curation of the fourth exhibition at the Gallery Le Grenier (Lausanne/CH)
14.11/16.11.2013: Installations for the 10 years of Cinema Oblò (Lausanne/CH)
16.10/20.10.2013: Interactive installation/performances with the collective Littera Ex-Machina and guests Anton Mobin and Ravi Shardja at LUFF Festival (Lausanne/CH)
14.06.2013: AV performance in collaboration with Mashine at Oblò (Lausanne/CH)
01.06/08.06.2013: Interactive AV installation Tesla Room at Le Grenier (Lausanne/CH)
23.05.2013: AV performance De Koog at Live Performers Meeting (Rome/IT)
09.05.2013: Artist talk at Scope Sessions (Berlin/DE)
08.05.2013: Interactive AV coding workshop at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin/DE)
28.03.2013: Interactive AV installation at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin/DE)
02.03.2013: Short movie Netzmensch awarded at the International New Media competition by the museum Maison d’Ailleurs (Yverdon/CH)