Crestfallen music video shooting

Last March 7-9, we spent three amazing days shooting a music video in Berlin, for the new single Crestfallen of Kamikaze. The film crew was composed of the director, a camera operator, a director of photography, a make up artist, a hair stylist, a costume designer, a production coordinator, a vintage car owner and a dog trainer. On the other side of the camera were the four artists of Kamikaze, dogs and a Messerschmitt.

On the tech side, we decided to shoot with the Sony FS700, because of its good value for money and the beautiful slow motion it can offer, going up to 400fps. We shot every scenes using three Canon fixed lens 28mm 1:1.8, 50mm 1:1.4, 85mm 1:1.8 and twice a Tokina wide-angle 11-16mm 1:2.8. Our lightning kit was made of a flathead 80 KinoFlo, two ARRI 650, a softbox, filters and diffusers.

The first day was spent in the warehouse of Platoon shooting the dogs – four massive boxers – and the Messerschmitt. The lighting of the car was pretty challenging for a half day of shooting, as the complete roof is made of a curved PVC glass.

Second and third days were entirely shot in the chroma key studio of the Bethanien art center. The make up crew spent hours having the two actors ready with their almost full coverage body paintings.








We’re into massive post production until mid-April… so stay tuned!