Artist report #1 at Platoon Kunsthalle


“Dear reader,

dive into the world of Tokyo Data Collective, a contemporary artists based in Switzerland, Germany and the UK. How do you combine ecological concerns, volt and amperes, art, fondue, sound design, and styrofoam? furthermore, what do you do with twelve meters of aluminium, about two and a half kilometers of cables, pacifist opinions on a post-economical crisis world whose answer is sex and war, an old heating system and a cat?

those are the ingredients Tokyo Data Collective is using to build its next interactive mixed-media installation. some answers will be found, some new questions will arise, and everything takes it roots in the artist lab of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. In any case, the installation – whose name SILLA comes from what you can read on the internet about an Inuit divinity – will be presented the 30th of november 2013.

what is interactivity, what does the Alps, Greenland and Berlin have in common, why is the sky blue, how many tons of trash were thrown away before the end of the world in 2012? moreover, what is the difference between digital and analog, what is the purpose of life, why does the italian coffee taste so good, why is photocopy so expensive and how many hours is spent in one lifetime sweeping the floor?

drop by if you have answers or if you want to share a cup of tea, have some issues with bad lighting system or love jazz, make some strange noises with your fingers or if you are colorblind and want to tell us what color is your world!

what can CD still be used for, why sushi is good for your health, how irritating but essential can be rain, how many cigarets can be smoked it one minute, why write in english? Additionally, what are dreams made of, how long can you not pee if there is no toilet around, what influence has good mood on your life and finally, what is happiness??

this is Tokyo Data Collective from the artist lab in PLATOON KUSNTHALLE, Berlin.”

Check the artist report on the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE website