Tokyo Data Collective has for vocation to create interactive artistic universes, joining a vision of the world, where technology offers new ways of considering and appropriating various creative art forms.
Its main focus is to develop projects setting up transdisciplinary symmetries between dance, theatre, sonic performances, architecture and fine arts.
Besides its strictly artistic references, the collective draws its inspiration from political and social issues. It expresses its ethical and aesthetic questioning through multidisciplinary, dynamic and interactive works. Its approach aims to deepen the theme of cognitive saturation faced by individuals in our society: its works examine the selectivity of our glances and the ability of the human mind to synthesize the overwhelming volume of information, solicited or not, to which he is confronted on a daily basis.
The issue of social interactions generated by the artistic creation is a central element of Tokyo Data’s approach. Its projects aim to create a reaction from the audience and to integrate it actively into the creation process. The finality of this approach is to establish a dialogue replacing the contemplative role traditionally attributed to the audience.
The transdisciplinary work of Tokyo Data Collective is inspired by a vision, where the contemporary urban environment is more than a simple space devoted to everyday life, and offers a frame to the dynamics traditionally found the confronted to an artwork. In this perspective, the city itself relates to an installation, where the audience would be the residents. Such a installation-city would play permanently with the perceptions of its inhabitants, overwhelming them with visual, audio, tactile or olfactory informations.
Articles of association (PDF, french)